#WeirdWednesday: Onion Cake

I keep thinking of little tidbits I want to share with friends and family that don’t fit in a larger or deeply meaningful post.  You know what I mean, the kind of quick note I would text if we were in the same time zone and I wouldn’t be texting about something trivial while you were sleeping.  Since I am indeed in a different timezone from most of my loved ones, I’m going to try sprinkling some short “tidbit” posts in between my lengthier lists and diatribes.  But never fear, short is relative, as I am the rambling queen of the world.

Anyway, Anywho, Anyhizzle…


Not actually a great story, but I want to give context, and it’s my blog so I do what I want.

So… one of my college-friends-turned-mommy-friends, Jessica, roped me into a Diet Bet, in which we have to lose 4% of our starting body weight in 4 weeks.  In the past, I have been able to lose weight in 20 pound chunks just by quitting chai lattes, their accompanying breakfast pastries, and french fries, because I am an addict and my usual diet is 50% those three items.  I’m a certified Fitness Nutritionist, so I should know better, but since when do addicts obey logic?

I am terrible at quitting my vices, so I constantly look for loopholes.  The other day, I went to a German bakery on base to see if they had something sweet that didn’t qualify as a breakfast pastry.  I never said I was going to quit cake!  They were serving samples, so I could even cheat without “really” cheating, because everyone knows if you don’t actually order the food, it has no calories.  DUH.  That’s why women love to eat off our men’s plates.

German Onion Cake

To my disappointment, the cake they were sampling tasted more like something my cured meat-loving husband would eat for dinner than like a dessert.  That’s because this was Zweibelkuchen, or German onion cake, which also includes bacon.

Side note: I don’t eat bacon.

When I got past the initial shock, I actually had a second sample in spite of myself, because it wasn’t terrible.  Just hella weird to look at a cake but taste that flavor profile (pardon my early 2000s Bay Area vernacular).

If you’d like to try it, this recipe looks pretty authentic.  You can experience weird German food from the comfort of your home!

P.S. So far I’m 3 weeks into the DietBet and have already lost all of the required weight.  But I have a week to gain it back, so send positive vibes my way.  Mama needs to get this money, honey.

Until my next random rambling…

Besos, Abrazos, and California Love,

Rachel “Reji” Gregoire



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